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Overview of Sorghum Seeds

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Sorghum Seeds, also called milo or great millet, is a highly valued grain that provides a lot of protein and fiber to the body. Whole grain sorghum can be added to cooked dishes, snacks, salads or can even be had like a roti to fulfill one’s requirements of digestive fiber in their diet. This gluten-free cereal grain is full of antioxidants and phytochemicals that have numerous health benefits. One of the best advantage of having sorghum whole grains in diet is that this helps in improving one’s digestive levels and moreover, also is good substitution for gluten-based cereals like wheat. As high in fiber, it also keeps you full for longer time and is hence considered a good choice of cereal to have for those looking to lose weight.

VAD Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Suppliers of Sorghum in India. We are Regularly Exports to Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, China, Bahrain, Australia, Morocco, Bulgaria, South Korea, Syria, Tunisia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Greece, Serbia, United States, America, USA, Cambodia. Sorghumare available with as around the Year.


Sorghum Seeds Specifications:

 Product Name: Sorghum Seeds
 Moisture: 12% Max
 Cleaning: Machine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
 Type: Milky White Sorghum, White Sorghum & Yellow Sorghum
 Place of Origin: India
 Protein: 10% Min
 Discoloured: 1% Max
 Foreign Material: 1% Max

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag  25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
Jute Bag  25 / 50 KG in New Jute Bag
 -  As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20' FT Container   23-24 Metric Tons
 40' FT Container  -

Sorghum Seeds Benefits and Uses:

✓ It’s rich in nutrients and easy to add to your diet, but its merits don’t stop there.
✓ Sorghum widely used as a natural and cost-effective fuel source.
✓ Sorghum Controls Blood Sugar Levels.
✓ Sorghum Rich source of protein.
✓ Sorghum Packed with essential Minerals and Vitamins.
✓ Sorghum Improves Digestive Health.
✓ Sorghum is a very versatile grain. It is best eaten in its whole grain form to get the most nutrition. It can be prepared similar to rice.



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