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Turmeric Finger is sharp and earthy in flavor, with just a hint of ginger, Turmeric complements any kind of rice, lentil, or vegetable dishes. While Haldi tastes pleasantly spicy, a little goes a long way and it gets stronger as it cooks. This is because of this bonding only that India is the largest producer, consumer and exporter of this spice. The world production of turmeric stands at around 800000 tons. Of which India hold a share of approximately 75-80%. Also India consumes around 80% of its own production. Turmeric as spice is deep yellow in color having a pungent flavor. To convert it into a powdered form, the rootstalk is boiled, dried, cleaned and polished and then powdered. Turmeric is one of the oldest spices and had been used in India since ages. That is why it is said that this spice belongs to India and also called Indian Saffron. VAD Industries offering Nizamabad FAQ, Nizamabad Turmeric Finger, Nizamabad Double Polished Turmeric Finger, Nizamabad Single Polished Turmeric Finger, Salem Turmeric Finger, Erode Turmeric Finger Available in India. Find Turmeric Finger Buyers, Sellers, Producers, Manufacturing, Wholesalers, Producing, Supplying, Exports, Imports, Importing, Exporting, Buying, Selling, Import, Export, Traders, Trading, Distributors, International Traders, Agents, Brokers, Commission Agents, Processors, Purchase, Processing, Purchasing in India and around the world.

VAD Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Suppliers of Turmeric Finger in India. We are Regularly Exports to Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, China, Bahrain, Australia, Morocco, Bulgaria, South Korea, Syria, Tunisia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Japan, France, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, United States of America, USA, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Brazil, Romania, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Latvia, Lithuania, Cambodia, Mauritius, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Belarus, Iran, Brunei, Iraq, Hungary, Israel, Iceland, Estonia, Myanmar, Fiji, Paraguay, Finland, Peru, Colombia. Turmeric Finger are available with as around the Year.

HSN CODE: 09103020

Turmeric Finger Specifications:

 Product Name: Turmeric Finger
 Quality: Japan Grade / Europe Grade / Good Grade / FAQ Grade (Fair Average Quality) / Nizamabad Turmeric
 Length: 3 CM and Above (Less Than 15 MM - 3% Max.)
 Type: Finger / Bulb
 Moisture: 12% Max
 Place of Origin: India
 Polished: Single Polished / Double Polished
 Tukdi: 5% Max

Packaging Details:

 Jute Bag / PP Bag  25 / 50 KG in New Jute Bag / PP Bag
 -  As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20' FT Container   13-14 Metric Tons
 40' FT Container  27-28 Metric Tons

Turmeric Finger Benefits and Uses:

✓Turmeric Finger is one of the main ingredient of spices used in indian cooking.
✓It is an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin b6, iron, potassium and manganese.
✓It is also a good source of vitamin c and magnesium.
✓Turmeric Finger is very low in cholesterol and sodium.
✓Turmeric Finger contains essential oil with a variety of sesquiterpenes.
✓Used in a number of products including bakery products, dairy products, cereals, sauces and ketchups, biscuits, cakes etc.
✓Turmeric Finger is a widely used food additive for products that are specially packaged to protect from sunlight. It is also used in mustard, pickles for compensating fading color.



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